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Rockwell pest solutions is the embodiment of how pest and termite control should be! We put our customers first because we value your business and understand that you have a lot of pest control options. We will take care of your pest problem in a timely manner while ensuring that you are fully satisfied.


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Who we are?

Rockwell Pest Solutions is a complete pest and termite control company based in Southern California. We offer both one-time and regular maintenance service programs for ant, spider, cockroach, and cricket problems.

Each service includes an inspection of your property that will assess any issues and ensure that your home stays pest-free for years to come. All of our services are fully warranted – which means no charges apply between your scheduled services.

Rockwell Pest Solutions offers residential, commercial, and industrial pest control while also specializing in bees, gophers, rodent control, pigeon exclusion and removal, and dead animal removal.

Further, our termite department works with both real estate agents and homeowners to offer the quickest solution to your wood-destroying insect problem. We offer localized treatments, 1-day heat treatments, and whole-house fumigation – which is the only way to ensure 100% colony elimination.

We also offer termite control policies in which we will come out annually to guaranty that you do not have bugs destroying your home. If at the time of inspection we happen to find an active termite colony, we will immediately treat the affected area. Finally, all structural repairs are completed in-house – so you know that our employees will take care of the whole process from evaluation to eradication.

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What we service.

We work on Residential, Single and Multi-Unit Structures, Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, and Industrial Facilities for all wood-destroying organisms, inspections, and repairs.


Insect Infestations

Insects can destroy gardens and landscaping, become embarrassing and unwanted guests in your home, get into your food pantries or storage areas, get into your furniture, and structurally damage your home.


Termite Treatments

Termites may benefit ecosystems, but they can severely damage your home. They can compromise structural safety and destroy floors, walls, cabinets, wooden furniture, and more.


Rodent Control

Rodents can be heard moving in walls, often leave droppings in cabinets, can chew up documents and furniture, leave oily residues, and create unpleasant odors.


Pigeon Removal

Pigeons can create messes on top of your home and in your lawn. They create nests, leave droppings, pose health risks, sometimes attack humans, and can be noisy at inopportune times of day and night.


Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals create serious health risks, often give off pungent odors, and will attract other animals and pests.


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